Wk 12 -Geo-Caching

Gee-caching was such a fun experience! I went around the city of Cerritos and with one of my very good friends and had quite an awesome adventure. Our success rate of finding the attempted one we did was probably the lowest ones for this who barely start but the enjoyment rate was through the roof. We were able to find one but given that we tried at night, we probably would have had a higher success rate during the day. Overall a fun experience! I would most certainly try this again in the future.


GPS Coordinates:

“A little sunshine”

N 33* 51.328′ W 118* 3.163′



Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession  
Media: Printmaking, Ink
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

Jennifer Chen is a Printmaking major at California State University of Long Beach. She is currently a graduate student after graduating with a Biology major. Her work between the two different majors allows her to bring about different ideology’s to her work which make it that much more interesting. She is planning on teaching art class possibly next semester. Her work included the concepts of succession where as her work is created through wood carvings, paint  and uses computer look like graphics.

The beauty in succession is its ability to depict the impact on the ecosystem through this digitalized and virtual world. On the virtual paintings, it describes the mapping that google has done in order to help those get directions. This is how the web sees nature with all of these jagged angles and edges. Her work doesn’t allow for the full captivation of the trees. The trees are vulnerable and give the idea of the damage that is being done to different ecosystems through pollution and deforestation.

Overall, I really enjoyed the combination between the biology and art that Chen created. Her images depicted a world in which the trees were no longer alive and gives a feeling to the audience of what the damages on the real world have on ecosystems and the effects that’ll lead to. It was interesting and refreshing viewing her artwork!

Wk12 Classmate Discussion

This is Florenz. He is a first year and is currently undeclared but plans on pursing nursing as his major. An interesting fact I learned about florenz was that he enjoyed playing the trombone in elementary and middle school band. He did mention he felt some pain when he dropped that hobby in high school but does occasionally pick up his instrument to play some jams.IMG_1458