Wk9.Alphabase- Marvin.

Photo on 3-20-16 at 10.47 PM

The year is 2046 and here is Marvin. This is jus your ordinary guy who does nothing all day and prefers to keep a low profile around the base but for some reason gets tangled up into tricky business with the wrong people due to his friends’ vices and tied up deals. So the saying of ” the enemy of your friend is your enemy” is reversed to back and gets him in trouble on the moon Base. But you should check out the rest of his friends and their adventures!

https://florenzbaltazar.wordpress.com/- His buddy Paws, Half human and half dog, what more can I ask for. Its like my own wilfred but we’re on the Moon!

https://colleensiongco.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/marina/ Then theres the marine biologist that journeys to galactic against her will searching and studying different life forms, the brains and pretty much knows anything about anything too.

https://saviordeezy.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/dank/  Dank Waters, a former millionaire on earth due to selling drugs. Being infatuated with immortality he creates an immortal pill which he takes and now lives on moonbase alpha spreading wisdom and stories of earth for money.




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