Wk.8 Artist Conversation

Artist: Bri Joy
Exhibition: Merge
Media: Print Making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: No website
Instagram: @brijoy

About the Artist

Bri Joy was an interesting and fun person to interview! She came from a small town who elementary school size for K-6 was about 100 students. Her transition to a bigger school and city was a new thing she has come accustomed and liked. For her spare ti

e, she enjoys being active. Some activities include sports, yoga, surfing, skating, hiking, and snowboarding.

Bri had an interesting view on why she doesn’t have website. She had mentioned that by having website, it would ruin the art experience she wants to portray and removes the personal touch than being in an actual art gallery. Apart from that, she is busy and doesn’t have the time to keep it updated and follow through with it.


Formal Analysis

The formal qualities of her work would appear to be very smooth and the patterns repeated themselves but were changed in size to give a bigger picture. I noticed that something that is so simple can be become very complex if it’s looked deeply enough.

Content Analysis

Bri started her work by starting with organic lines that then would merge to a digitalized graphic that then works and adjusts to the position to present an image. She wanted to contrast with the black and white.

Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed the Bri’s artwork! It was a fun experience, and I asked the artist herself as to why its all black and white and she answered that people make connections with colors and this time she wanted her art to pop and force people to make connections with the actual images.


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