Wk.7 Artist Discussion

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice
Media: Ceramics, raw clay, half cement, mason stain
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com
Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist

Born and raised in Riverside, California. Art and music has always played a strong role in her family. She used to be a part of a band and she played the drums. Andrea is currently an undergraduate and she is in the ceramics program. Her current interest are being a Mom and along with that are pigs, dogs, chickens, and babies.

Formal Analysis

the texture of her work was very loose in the way that since most of her work involved clay, there were remnants of fingerprints but the fingerprints were smoothed out. The was texture though among the edges of the fingerprints upon further examinations. There different pieces did show repetition, possibly her message to audience had to do with the recurring images. Her work took on average about a week to produce.

Content Analysis

Andrea’s work explored the concepts of a woman’s body during different times and the changes it might undergo when pregnant and tied them religion but with a twist. It did seem as though she explored sacrifice seeing that these soon to be mothers were crucified and had pain ridden faces.

Synthesis / My Experience

What I took away from this experience from an audience perspective was the artist’s message of questioning today’s religion. If today’s religion should actually accept mothers the way they are even if they might’ve conceived out of marriage or what ever reasons can be extended. Some thing the artist also wanted us to pick up on was for the audience to also question, what should be accepted as art as well.


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