Wk 6: PhotoWalk

Our guide was Crysta Tim. And her photowalk’s caption was “My plan is to take my group through the fun recreation sights of CSULB. First we will go to the outdoor shopping area near the bookstore, then go to the bottom floor of the USU (billiards, bowling, swimming pool), then we will end at the H2O fountain at Brotman Hall.”

Crysta was very outgoing and kept conversations going throughout the walk. We came across many different sights such as huge sculptures in front of lecture halls. I enjoyed the walk through the USU because it is extremely rare that I get to visit there. The vibe was awesome, and it seemed like every one there was there to have fun! Overall, a good experience šŸ™‚


Wk5 Artist Conversation

Artist:Kristi Jense

Exhibition:exhibit of different artists
Media: Copper, steel, some silver, hammer and other tools,Ā sterling silver

Gallery:Ā CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: No website.
Instagram:Ā @whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi is an interesting person and takes pride in her work. She loves to burn and set things on fire. She is also a fan of the Walking Dead. She should be done with her degree by next semester and hopes to work with something metal related. Kristi does have trouble naming her pieces of work tho. Each piece she works on usually takes 3 weeks to complete. She likes jewelry and a fan of metal sculpts.

Formal Analysis

Her work was interesting in the way that it was sometimes small and probably could’ve been used as accessories. The shapes varied across the board but there weren’t pieces that stood out as jagged or unnatural in the sense that this objects can be tied or related to something that can be found in a store.

Content Analysis

There weren’t any particular messages she wanted to convey in her work but Kristi did seem to get her inspiration from her grandfather on how he use to do repairĀ televisions. She rarely wears her own pieces.

Synthesis / My Experience

To me, i found her many pieces of work(about 100) really intriguing and there were many ‘appliances’ or household looking items that i can see fitting into my home. Her work pleased me not only because of the attention of detail that was given to it but the presentation of it gave it this special flow.

Art Experience Wk 3: Snap Chat

Now snapchat seems to be a more accurate depiction of one’s actual daily life since Facebook/instagram uses more tools to over-glamour experiences or atleast that most people only post significant material on this social sites. Snapchat also gives an individual to feel more freely expressive about things since the snaps can be posted on a story and only last 24 hours before they are completely erased. It can be a negative or positive thing depending on how you look at it. Well, here is this week’s snaps.

Wk3 Art Conversation-Joshua Vasquez

Artist:Joshua Vasquez
Exhibition:Ā Vida/Morte
Media: mixed-media salon-style drawing exhibition of flowers and skulls
Gallery:Ā CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Josh Vasquez explored many different ideas through his artwork display. He explored ideas of masculinity and femininity using light colors against dark colors.

Joshua’s work, seemed very chaotic and always had more going for itself than met the eye. What I mean by this is that at first glance of his work, it may seem like random spotting or jus strokes of different inks but after a few good seconds of staring it down, faint images start to appear.

All of his artworks were intended to remind us that everything that has a start, also has an end. Which is where the dead roses come into play. Joshua mentioned that even tho the paper underneath the flowers wouldn’t last long, the flowers would probably not as long as the paper, in other words interpreting that the life of something is only relative.

In my opinion, Joshua’s artwork definitely was a reflection of his personality and the way he presented himself to the spectators of his artwork. His artwork gave a presence of organized chaos while as well as a feel of silentness and conservatism. What I mean by that is, his artwork never really shouted it’s meaning, it was something you had to look for and stare at for while.